Information Technologies and Resources


The Division of Information Technologies & Resources (IT&R) is dedicated to providing efficient, reliable service to the UCF community. The following policies and guidelines are designed to comply with federal, state, and local regulations. Policies and guidelines under the authority of IT&R relate to computing, telecommunications, library, web, internet, and space planning.

IT&R Policies

UCF Policies

  • 3-107.2 Procurement and Use of Cloud Computing and Data Storage Services

  • 3-126 Space Allocation and Use

  • 4-001.2 Retention Requirements for Electronic Mail

  • 4-002.2 Use of Information Technology

  • 4-003.2 Telecommunication Services

  • 4-005.1 University Archives

  • 4-006.2 Broadcast Distribution of Electronic Mail

  • 4-007.1 Security of Mobile Computing, Data Storage, and Communication Devices

  • 4-008.1 Data Classification and Protection

  • 4-009.3 Cellular Telephone Acquisition and Use

  • 4-010.1 Student Email Policy

  • 4-011.1 Radio Frequency Spectrum

  • 4-012.1 Collection and Use of Social Security Numbers

  • 4-013.1 Communications Room and Telecommunications Utility Vault Security and Access

  • 4-014 Procurement and Use of Cloud Computing and Data Storage Services

  • 4-016.1 Email Provisioning, De-provisioning and Use Policy

  • 4-017 Enterprise Directory Governance