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Academic Experience

> What percentage of campus courses use electronic information to enhance the course?

Between 80% and 95% of all courses at UCF make use of electronic information resources for course document such as syllabi, reading lists, discussion groups, demonstrations.

> Are technology resources available, used effectively to enhance the learning experience and designed to prepare graduates in your major for successful technology use in their careers?

UCF has made significant commitments to provide technology resources that enhance the student experience. All students are provided with e-mail accounts, space to create a Web page and access to all campus network resources. About 95% of all UCF classrooms are equipped with advanced multimedia presentation facilities. More than 1,800 courses are delivered partially or totally over the Web. Every college has implemented a technology requirement appropriate to the college's field of study and provides courses to help students acquire the necessary skills for success.

> What library resources are available online (catalog databases, special collections)?

Thousands of resources are available online to the University of Central Florida community, including: the Library catalog, the catalogs of the State University System of Florida, indexes and abstracts, directories, encyclopedias, handbooks, full text journals, images, statistics, legal and government resources, standards, proceedings, financial data and tax information, patents, maps, newspapers and historical documents. These are provided through a wide variety of sources, including OCLC's FirstSearch, Check for a more complete listing.

> What electronic reference materials are licensed and how accessible are they from outside the library (for example, in the residence halls or off campus)?

The previous answer lists types and examples of UCF's licensed electronic resources. Most of the resources are licensed for unrestricted access by any computer within the domain. Nearly all of these resources are also accessible remotely through our library proxy server. A few of our online resources also allow access with a University ID. See for additional information on remote access to UCF online Library's resources.

> How does the campus help students develop computer skills?

All of UCF's twelve colleges have implemented a technology requirement appropriate to the college's fields of study and provide courses to help students acquire the necessary skills for success.

> Does the campus have a specific computer/IT competency requirement for all undergraduates?

The University of Central Florida expects that all students have ready access to a personal computer appropriate to his or her field of study. This access requirement can be met by purchasing or leasing a computer, sharing a computer with family or roommates, or using a UCF student PC Lab.
Students wishing to acquire a personal computer are strongly advised to consider a notebook computer with wireless networking card. Recommended configurations and prices can be found on the university's Web site at

The UCF personal computer access requirement recognizes that all UCF students should expect to be required to use a personal computer in their coursework, to access library information, register for classes and correspond with their instructors or fellow students. Visit for additional information.
> Are course reserves and other materials available online/via the Web site?

UCF has an online course reserve system and offers more than 1,800 Web-based courses.

> What percentage of faculty has a networked computer available to them?

All UCF faculty have a networked personal computer.


Administrative Experience

> What information about admission and financial aid is available online and can necessary forms be submitted electronically?

Complete information about UCF programs and admissions procedures are available online. Both undergraduate and graduate application forms are available on the Web.


Social Experience

> What percentage of students on the UCF campus have full-time use of personal computers?

Currently, 95% of all undergraduate students, and 96% of all graduate students report they have full time use of a personal computer.


Requirements, Services, and Costs

> What, if any, technology fee is charged by the campus and what does it cover?

A technology fee will be implemented effective July, 2009.  The fee will be 5% of tuition.  Resources generated from the technology fee will be used to enhance instructional technology resources to students and faculty.

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Technology Fee


AY2017-2018 Technology Fee Workshop is Thursday, August 17th at 3:00 p.m. in Technology Commons 1-102

AY2017-2018 Technology Fee Proposal Deadline is October 9, 2017 at 5:00 p.m.


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